NTUC signs deal with Starhub to equip Union Members with 5G knowledge

NTUC union members

Equipping today’s workers with 5G know-how

Leveraging StarHub’s expertise in 5G innovation as well as its ecosystem of industry partners, NTUC will be launching a series of 5G learning webinars beginning next month and through 2021.

Yes. It’s really completely free for members!


These webinars will be conducted by business owners and experts on the topic of 5G.

This means that you can learn how to use 5G more effectively to further your work and lifestyle needs.

More information on these webinars will be issued to Union Members soon.

Exclusive package for Union members

Some of these packages include free access to StarHub 5G and discounts of 20% on Mobile plans.

New customers can also enjoy $200 phone discounts and $270 savings on 1Gbps Fibre Broadband plans!

The ‘Start Work Package’ for the young and woke

Young NTUC members will receive a subsidised tablet and/or mobile plan bundle to help ease their transition into the workforce. Nubbad at all, I’d say.

Huh, then what happens if I am a StarHub customer but not an NTUC member?

Fret not, there’s a special sign-up promotion for StarHub customers. After which, you will be entitled to all these promotions and more, such as deals for grocery, dining and shopping too.

Don’t say we bojio.

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