Netizens react to WP Jamus Lim’s suggestion of an environment tax on SIA

environment tax jamus lim

Jamus Lim’s suggestion of an environment tax on SIA shows a shocking lack of grasp of reality.

It’s almost as if he lives in a completely different world from the rest of Singapore.

Here are some snapshots of comments by netizens.

Support our airline, not terminate its existence

support sia say no to environment tax

Failure of SIA will put our hub status in jeopardy

environment tax on SIA

Is this how WP speak for residents? How many people will lose their jobs if SIA close shops?

workers party jamus lim

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Not the time to talk about a tax, help people in difficulties

WP Sengkang

You don’t need a PhD. You just need common sense.

JJ Lim no common sense

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Out of his depth

workers party out of depth


cocklenomics jamus

A tragedy

jamus workers party

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Economics 101 for Jamus Lim



Earlier in Minister Ong Ye Kung ministerial statement, which outlined the Government’s strategies to support the struggling aviation sector

Mr Ong described SIA as “far from being out of the woods” despite a recent recapitalisation exercise. One of the ideas that the airline had to generate revenue was to launch flights to nowhere, he noted, although this was later scrapped.

“Whichever way SIA had decided, MOT (Ministry of Transport) would always try our best to support our national carrier in times like this,” the minister said in his speech to the House.

“What I will not contemplate is to impose on them an environment tax at this time, as Associate Professor Jamus Lim indicated in his question, because that will just worsen the crisis for SIA.”

Minister Ong Ye Kung


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  2. Not the time to talk about imposing environmental tax on SIA amid COVID-19 crisis, says Ong Ye Kung


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