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Migrant workers to be tested every 14 days: MOM

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All migrant workers living in dormitories, including those serving isolation in standalone blocks that serve as quarantine facilities, have been tested, MOM said in a joint statement with other government agencies. Good job!

Steps are being taken to allow migrant workers to safely go back to work.

Employers must arrange for their migrant workers to be tested every 14 days at either a regional screening centre or at test centres in dormitories.

Safeguards to be implemented to keep workers safe include having workers report, twice a day, their own temperature and whether they have acute respiratory illness symptoms. Those who report sick will be monitored at medical posts.

Wastewater from higher risk dormitories will be monitored for traces of the virus.

If our monitoring picks up potential infections among the migrant workers, the ITF (Interagency Task Force) will quickly isolate and quarantine all at-risk workers within the block that was housing the infected worker as a precautionary measure, the statement wrote.

Aggressive testing will be conducted to identify any further spread of the virus.

Safe living measures in dormitories include staggered pick-up and drop-off timings, updating of the workers residential addresses, and minimising mixing between blocks. Migrant workers are expected to observe safe distancing at work.


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