Making Singaporeans winners by enabling them to succeed: Tan See Leng

Jobs and skills for Singaporeans are at the front and centre of MOM’s and sector agencies’ plans, Manpower Minister Tan See Leng said.

Everyone wants to be a winner and everyone can be a winner. Manpower Minister Dr Tan See Leng has the approach for it: helping businesses to transform and equipping Singaporeans with skills for future jobs.

By accelerating technology adoption in the workplace and equipping Singaporeans with skills for future jobs, Singaporeans will be able to seize new opportunities and succeed at the workplace. At the same time, businesses will also have a strong local talent pool to support their transformation and growth to compete globally.

“It is win-win,” said Dr Tan.

What’s the government doing to make Singaporeans winners?

Jobs for Singaporeans

Our graduates

They are equipped with industry know-how at our institutes of higher learning. They are also supported through lifelong learning and skills mastery through the national SkillsFuture movement.

Our Middle-age workers

Those making mid-career switches are supported through Career Conversion Programmes (CCPs). CCPs provide up to 90% training and salary support during the period of training to employers who hire and reskill these mid-career jobseekers. Today, there are over 100 CCPs across 30 sectors, with more added every year.

Ensuring training is relevant to employers’ needs

MOM’s close partnership with employers and industry associations ensures training is relevant to employers’ needs. This translates into direct benefit for workers. Dr Tans said, “Programmes such as the Technology in Finance Immersion Programme and TechSkills Accelerator Programme help Singaporeans gain experience in key tech areas in the Financial Services sector and allow company-led training programmes to accelerate professional development in 5G, Internet of Things and Cybersecurity respectively.”

Jobs Transformation Maps (JTMs)

MOM is also working with sector agencies to develop Jobs Transformation Maps (JTMs). These provide detailed job-level insights on the impact of technology on each industry.

“We have already launched three JTMs – for HR, logistics and financial services sectors – with plans for 12 more,” Dr Tan said. “These JTMs will be a useful compass to prepare for the future of work. For example, following the Financial Services JTM, financial institutions committed to reskill and redeploy more than 5,000 employees to take on new and enhanced roles.”

SGUnited Jobs and Skills Package

The ramped up employment facilitation efforts through the SGUnited Jobs and Skills Package have placed more than 110,000 locals into jobs and skills opportunities as of end-April.

The Jobs Growth Incentive (JGI) was introduced in September 2020 to encourage local hiring. Within six months it supported 42,000 employers who hired more than 270,000 new local workers.

“All these programmes are for our Singaporean Core, from young to old, including those with disabilities and ex-offenders. In fact, our efforts to support our local workforce in tackling accelerated structural changes have been commended by the International Monetary Fund. The work is of course, never finished, and we will press on,” Dr Tan said.

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