Lim Tean arrested; Client alleges Lim misappropriated money awarded to him as damages

Lim Tean arrested

Lawyer and founder of People’s Voice Party, Lim Tean has been arrested on 2 October for an alleged offence of Criminal Breach of Trust under Section 409 of the Penal Code.

The arrest came after he refused to attend a police interview to assist in police investigations into the report made against him.

According to the police statement, the police report was lodged by the counsel of a former client of Lim Tean.

Lim Tean had acted for the client in a motor injury suit. The client alleges that Lim had misappropriated the sum of money awarded to him as damages by the court.

Police said in the statement that Lim is also being investigated for an alleged offence of unlawful stalking.

The police report was lodged by a former employee of Lim. The employee alleges that she was harassed by him when she was working at his law firm. The employee referred Police to text messages that had been exchanged between her and Lim Tean.

To assist with investigations into the two alleged offences, Lim Tean was issued a notice by Police to attend a compulsory interview on 28 September 2020.

He was told he could reschedule the interview to another date if he wanted to. However, he refused to turn up for any Police interview, alleging that the investigations were baseless, the charges were trumped-up charges that are politically motivated.

In reply to Police, counsel for Lim Tean, M Ravi wrote, “Our client is a prominent political figure and a senior member of the legal bar. He takes grave offence at your office’s decision to investigate wholly frivolous and vexatious allegations.”

Police said the arrest was necessary in order to conduct the investigations and have rejected his allegation that the investigations were politically motivated.

Bankruptcy claims

In February last year, Lim Tean had avoided being made a bankrupt when he repaid S$203,000 in loan payment he owed to Mr Huang Min, a Shanghai businessman.

The money was loaned to Lim Tean in September 2013.

Mr Huang filed a bankruptcy application against Mr Lim last year when the sum remained unpaid even after the Chinese national won a court judgement to recover the loan.

It was reported in June this year by the Straits Times that Lim Tean is facing two pending bankruptcy claims totalling about $1.45 million.

One of the applications was filed by DBS Bank in October last year over a debt of $549,378.

The other application was filed by a trading company, Sing Wing (I & E), in May this year. The company is seeking to make Mr Lim a bankrupt over a debt of about $905,000.

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