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NTUC FairPrice extends PG & MG Discount Schemes Until Dec 2021

Last year, NTUC FairPrice's discount schemes helped Pioneer and Merdeka Generations members and seniors save over $7.7 million; this year the discount schemes saved more than $10 million.

With the extension of the discounts, together with other various initiatives at moderating cost, FairPrice hopes that these efforts will continue to help customers stretch their dollar in the year ahead.

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Food Folks

Just last month, the FairPrice Group officially launched Food Folks, Singapore's first local food retail and F&B blended space. Food Folks @ Lau Pa Sat takes up a 7000 sqft space that houses 10 F&B brands and more than 800 food-related products from 120 local brands!

At Food Folks, you can enjoy delectable dishes from different F&B brands run by a good mix of relatively new entrepreneurs and second or third-generation owners. Some of these partners have even developed a variety of modern-Singaporean inspired dishes exclusive to Food Folks!

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NTUC union members

Good news for union members.

Leveraging StarHub’s expertise in 5G innovation as well as its ecosystem of industry partners, NTUC will be launching a series of 5G learning webinars beginning next month and through 2021.

And they are free.

These webinars will be conducted by business owners and experts on the topic of 5G.

This means that you can learn how to use 5G more effectively to further your work and lifestyle needs.

More information on these webinars will be issued to Union Members soon.

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eco-friendly plastic bags

Director of residues and resource reclamation centre at the Nanyang Environment and Water Research Institute Assistant Professor Grzegorz Lisak, who led the research, said, “It is essential to evaluate the implications case by case for dealing with plastic waste.”

“In a well-structured closed metropolitan waste management system with incineration treatment, using plastic bags may be the best option that is currently available, provided that there is no significant leakage of waste into the environment,” he said.

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QR Codes

QR codes have become so much a part of life that you can't get through a day without it. QR stands for 'quick response'. Today, the QR codes are used for a myriad of purposes from safe entry to advertising, e-payments and in place of passwords. Discover the interesting story of how the QR code was developed to overcome the limitation of the barcode. Enjoy!

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