Over 50,000 locals hired in first month of the Jobs Growth Incentive scheme

Jobs Growth Incentive

MOM announced in the 17th edition of its Job Situation Report that more than 50,000 local job seekers were hired in the first month of the implementation of the Jobs Growth Incentive scheme.

The Government announced the Jobs Growth Incentive scheme in August last year and set aside $1 billion for the scheme. The scheme seeks to encourage firms doing well and experiencing growth to bring forward their hiring plans and accelerate the hiring of Singaporeans. It will run from September 2020 through to February 2021 (inclusive).

The JGI will provide one year of salary for each new local hire by employers that managed to increase their local workforce.

Salary is as follow:

  • 50% for local aged 40 and above,
  • 50% for local  who is 1) a person with disabilities (PwD) or 2) an ex-offender, and
  • 25% for local who are below the age of 40.

This will apply to the first $5,000 of gross monthly  paid to the new local hires.

Jobs Growth Incentive Scheme in the Food sector

Encouraging take-up under the Jobs Growth Incentive scheme

Preliminary estimates of the JGI take-up are encouraging.

In the month of September alone, the first month of the scheme’s implementation, around 14,000 eligible companies collectively hired over 50,000 local job seekers.

About 50% of these new hires were mature locals aged 40 and over.

JGI (Jobs Growth Incentive) Scheme
Source: MOM

Job in the Food Services

As of end Dec 2020, there were more than 9,200 job openings in the Food Services sector.

Of these, 37% are for PMETs. These include roles such as Food and Beverages Services Managers and Sales, Marketing and Business Development Managers.

Non-PMET roles include cooks, waiters, bartenders and baristas.

Here are some initiatives you can tap onto if you are interested in the Food Services sector.

  1.  Join the Professional Conversion Programme for Food Services Executives to train for roles such as Assistant Outlet Managers, Management Trainees and Quality Managers.
  2.  Company-hosted traineeships and attachments in roles such as Marketing and Communications Trainee and Business Development Trainee are available.
  3.  Sign up for training courses under the SGUnited Skills programme.

For immediate job in the Food Services sector, visit https://go.gov.sg/mcffood21 or attend an upcoming Virtual Career Fair on from Farm to Plate (https://go.gov.sg/vcf-ftp0121)which will run from 25 Jan to 8 Feb.


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