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Union leader Karthikeyan: Jamus Lim knows nothing about workers and their worker representatives

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Heard the speech by Mr. Jamus Lim.

He apparently just said this in parliament,

“…. as much as it will be lovely to always rely on the folksy wisdom and beliefs by labour union leaders, at the same time we should realise that when we talk about studies… that are based on careful consideration and not just beliefs”

Let me borrow the statement from Star Wars :
“Only a sith deals with absolutes”

He is setting himself up in conflict with union leaders whom he should work with and help to improve the lives of the workers.

In his position, he should be helping workers who believe and voted for him but instead he is working against those who are trying the best to help the workers.

We have made significant progress in the past 10 years. The wages of workers at the lowest 20th percentile have increased by 24% in real terms in the last five years, and by 39% over the last ten years. This was the result of the Labour leaders.

If he have made an effort to look at the Labour statistics, the increment and bonus of non unionised workers were very much lower than that of the unionised companies. Throngs of workers walk in to TADM as they are not unionised; we the unsung heroes make sure they were not exploited and made sure they are well taken care.

Can Workers’ Party and Jamus Lim care to comment how they are going to help the workers as they have it in their name, Workers???

We the labour leaders in Singapore are not anti-establishment but never blink our eye if any of our members are not taken care or treated badly.

We leaders negotiate with CEOs, HR managers and even some economists and he believes we negotiate without any facts and figures. This clearly shows he knows nothing about workers and their worker representatives.

Quotes from Karthikeyan Krishnamurthy, Union leader Facebook.


  1. Karthikeyan Krishnamurthy, Union leader Facebook

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