Is it true that all jobs offered in Singapore are not good jobs?


Singaporeans often complain that there are no good jobs for them, even though the Govt frequently pledges to create and match Singaporeans to jobs.

However, is this claim true?

According to MOM’s jobs situation report released last Wednesday, out of the 117,500 openings available in end-August, 85,330 were for PMET roles.

Recently, it was announced that 40% of 3,600 job opportunities offered were for PMET roles as well.

So why do Singaporeans still complain that there are no good jobs or PMET roles for them?

Some reasons could include the hesitation to join a different industry from their previous one. However, the Govt also has the Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) in place to help Singaporeans who are willing to convert into a different industry and role.

Even with the PCP in place, many SME bosses have shared that previously, many Singaporeans preferred to become Grab drivers to earn 6-7k monthly than undergo PCP for a 4k job. #overheard

Now that Covid has hit, this group of people who previously relied heavily on Grab to make money now realise that their income has become significantly impacted. Without a stable job, they find themselves in difficult situations now.

So how then? Does this mean they should give up?

Obviously not. As long as Singaporeans are willing, there are still many good job openings around. WSG offers help for resume writing while e2i offers personal coaching and job fairs to help match Singaporeans to jobs.

Even older retrenched Singaporeans in their 50s have shared their stories. See this link:

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In conclusion?

Don’t lose hope, be equipped with the right info and mindset! The numbers show that there are many good job opportunities still available to those who are willing to learn new skills and take on new jobs! Remember, the Govt is more than willing to help Singaporeans in the best way they possibly can, but it often takes two hands to clap… and Singaporeans have to be hungry enough to want those jobs that are available.

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  1. 2,800 job seekers placed in traineeship and company attachments under SGUnited Jobs and Skills programmes

  2. About 3,600 opportunities in retail sector offered under SGUnited Jobs and Skills programme: MOM

  3. Professional Conversion Programmes (PCP) for Individuals


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