Handicapped delivery worker inspires others with his independence

On 2 Sept, an FB user Imair shared a heartwarming story about a handicapped delivery worker. The handicapped delivery worker, Zahi, braved the rain and delivered items via public transport from Woodlands to Tampines!

When Imair saw Zahi at his doorstep, he thought Zahi was a salesperson and was surprised to learn that he was the delivery personnel instead. Imair was encouraged and inspired by Zahi’s independence and perseverance to earn his own living.

Imair said, “We like to complain, myself included. But for those who are handicapped, they are the exact opposite. They have a spirit of perseverance to overcome the obstacles that they face.”

Many netizens were also encouraged by Zahi’s story and called for more support towards him.

More support for the welfare of delivery personnel

delivery rider

Delivery personnel brave the sun and rain for us daily when they’re on the roads. For Zahi, the challenge is even greater as he has to navigate and travel via public transport.

Common challenges faced by most delivery riders include:

  • Lack of proper space to park and wait
  • Getting scolded by customers for a long wait that is not their fault (oftentimes it’s due to a delay in the kitchen)
  • Having to rush so that they won’t get penalised, which makes their job more dangerous and accident-prone
  • No insurance coverage
  • Lack of employer CPF
  • No paid leave and other employee benefits

Even though delivery riders are subject to certain safety risks on the roads daily, they do not have insurance coverage provided by the delivery platforms. Hence, they will have to pay for their own insurance if they wish to be covered.

Delivery riders welcome more help

During the recent National Day Rally speech, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong also raised his concerns about delivery riders and the lack of employee benefits that they receive. Delivery riders also welcomed the announcement and look forward to changes that may be implemented for their welfare.


Mothership recently did a live session with NTUC and interviewed delivery riders in the streets. During the session, many delivery riders shared about the challenges that they have been facing. When asked if they would like NTUC or a union to represent or help them, most of them said they would. Even though NTUC has been advocating for upskilling and training, some delivery riders shared their difficulty in attending such courses due to the nature of their jobs. They lose out on income when they pause work briefly. Hence, it could be noteworthy if the Government or NTUC were to introduce a special incentive or allowance to better encourage these riders to attend training or courses.

They are people too

Like what Imair experienced when he saw Zahi, let’s not forget that delivery riders need our concern and respect too. They deserve better protection for their safety and safeguards for their retirement. Most importantly, let’s always greet them with a smile and appreciate the service that they bring!

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