We all wish we could solve the gender pay gap

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sgmatters.com we all wish we could solve the gender pay gap we all wish we could solve the gender pay gap
An overview.

Getting rid of the gender pay gap is easier said than done.

Pay allocation and promotions vary between companies.

An example would be. A common practice in multinational companies is to pay all employees in the same position the same salary, regardless of their work experience. Most companies, however, do not assess pay in this manner, and it will be difficult to ensure that all companies follow the guidelines unless a law is passed.

A gender pay gap is inevitably caused by variables and factors such as childbearing and childcare. It’s not easy to change mindsets within a short period of time, so it will take years to mitigate the current gap

The mother has a longer amount of downtime than the father, even though fathers are more willing to take on childcare and rearing responsibilities, as she is the one who physically bears and delivers the child, not to mention that she plays an important role in breastfeeding (if she chooses to). Even if the Government were to allow fathers to share more parental leave weeks with their wives, it is more likely that mothers would take it instead of their spouses because they are more likely to need it.

Nevertheless, we can continue to look at countries with successful approaches to minimizing the gender pay gap and emulate them.

Among the measures to help include re-entry programmes for women who wish to return to work after a few years away.

TLDR: there is no easy way to eliminate the gender pay gap, but Singapore can mitigate the gap by educating our citizens and encouraging more fathers to actively participate in childrearing.


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