Singapore pilots ways to reinvent global travel and activities like MICE

Travel revive

Singapore will pioneer several things to lead the reinvention of global travel, especially in the MICE industry, Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing said. Global travel and tourism may be close to a standstill, but Singapore is not standing still, Mr Chan said. In a Facebook post, Mr Chan said Singapore will reinvent and […]

Singapore economy turns a corner but recovery will be gradual

Singapore economy

The Singapore economy expanded by 9.2 per cent on a quarter-on-quarter seasonally-adjusted basis in the third quarter. This is a turnaround from the 13.2 per cent contraction in the second quarter during the Circuit Breaker. On a year-on-year basis, our economy contracted by 5.8% in the third quarter. This is an improved performance compared to […]

Tech.Pass to attract movers and shakers and highly accomplished professionals: PM Lee

Tech.Pass talent

“The Tech.Pass scheme is aimed at highly accomplished tech talent, the movers and shakers of the tech world – people who usually play different roles at once: founder, investor, employee, consultant, academic. People who can contribute to multiple parts of the ecosystem with their capital, their networks, their knowledge,” PM Lee said. Speaking at the […]

What’s the difference between an Employment Pass and a Tech.Pass?


Tech.Pass is a visa that allows established tech entrepreneurs, leaders or technical experts from around the world to come to Singapore to perform frontier and disruptive innovations. There are several differences between an Employment Pass and a Tech.Pass. For a start, one is an employment pass, the other is a visa. Employment Pass The Employment […]

Why does the government plan 500 tech passes amidst anti-foreigner sentiments?

anti-foreigner sentiments Tech.Pass EDB MOM

With the anti-foreigner sentiments exacerbated by the pandemic, why is the government issuing 500 tech passes? Is it to make themselves more unpopular? Not at all. The new Tech.Pass is a response to the stiff competition for global tech talent. It is a much needed booster to attract top tech talent in a fiercely competitive […]

Signing of RCEP is bright spot that points the direction ahead: Chan Chun Sing

Signing of RCEP

The bright spot that points the direction ahead. A timely boost to the longer-term prospects of the region. That’s how Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing described the signing of the RCEP (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership). The RCEP is eight years in the making. Thanks to hard work and dedication from the team at […]

Planes may be grounded but our spirit, never! Together, we will rise again.


EDB launched a new marketing campaign video to draw investors to Singapore. Titled ‘Dear World’, it is an open letter to the world, an invitation to rise together again, to be the greatest generation yet in this crisis. Our world is not quite the same today. Planes can be grounded but our spirit, never! This […]