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Patrick Tay to MOM: Disclose names of companies on watchlist to weed out biased recruitment practices

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Labour MP Patrick Tay said the names of companies with discriminatory hiring practices should be disclosed to weed out such practices early on.

In a statement released on 5 August, MOM said that another 47 companies have been added to the Fair Consideration Framework’s watchlist. Their workforce profiles indicate that they may have discriminatory hiring practices.

These employers will have their Employment Pass applications closely scrutinised. Those who are recalcitrant or uncooperative will have their work pass privileges cut back.

Responding to the statement, Labour MP said it was good to see firm and concrete action and scrutiny taken against these companies.

It goes to show that such malpractices still abound and that more robust measures are needed, Patrick added.

Patrick Tay wants the names of the errant companies published.

“Especially where the employer is recalcitrant or uncooperative, publishing their names may be a good deterrent to employers who want to flout the rules,” he said.

He also calls for more robust measures such as the review or removal of exemptions from the Fair Consideration Framework to strengthen the Singaporean Core.

He wants more stringent criteria to intra-corporate transfer applications and stiffer penalties on companies that “treat the FCF as mere window dressing or find ways to circumvent the requirements”.

Singaporean professionals need to be better protected and considered fairly for job opportunities, Patrick said.

“At the end of the day, employers must recognise that foreign workers play a complementary role to our local workforce, and where foreign workers are hired, there must be real knowledge and skills transfer to Singaporeans,” he said.

Have been lobbying on this topic since 2011 and the journey will continue when Parliament re-opens.

– Patrick Tay –


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