HDB to buy back flats from owners constrained by ethnic (EIP) quotas

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Can’t sell your flat because the Ethnic Integration Policy quota has been reached? No worries. A new option is now available. HDB will offer to buy back public housing flats from owners who face difficulties selling them due to the Ethnic Integration Policy (EIP) quotas. The new measure was announced by National Development Minister Desmond […]

A Singaporean reflects on the lessons learned from the pandemic

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Singapore’s preparation has already started quite awhile ago, and it will continue to be improved until we face the next crisis. Singapore was among the first to have approved vaccines delivered to us. Working like clockwork, our leaders and front-liners, including doctors, nurses and grassroots volunteers were able to help Singapore achieve one of the […]

Nagaenthran: mentally-disabled or capable of deliberate manipulation and evasion?

Nagaenthran, drugs, know, kirsten, han

More than 10 years after Nagaenthran was convincted of drug trafficking on 22 Novermber 2010, he was finally hanged on 27 April 2022. As usual, human rights activists like Kirsten Han and Jolovan Wham, supported by their international friends, have been having a full day exploiting the hanging for their own agenda, painting the picture […]

A tale of 2 countries. Can Singapore end up like Sri Lanka?

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The late Mr Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) once described Sri Lanka as “a better city than Singapore”, and it has “a thick layer of educated talent” and “sterling reserves”. Tragically, Sri Lanka has been wasting away and badly wrecked, with dwindling supply of life-saving drugs and household essentials, civil unrest, and outstanding default on domestic […]