The Padang: venue of largest protest, site of longest queue in Singapore’s history

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Gazetted on Singapore’s 57th birthday, the Padang is Singapore’s 75th national monument. This open space holds shared memories as a nation, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Edwin Tong said. Gazetting it as a national monument protects the site from alteration and change that would affect its character and significance, while allowing it to continue […]

Extremism: easier to keep the man out than the message out in this social media age.

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The government’s decision to deny entry to Indonesian Preacher Abdul Somad torched off a bit of a storm down south, with protests outside our embassy and consulate, personal threats to Minister Shanmugam and trolls flooding the Facebook pages of various government personalities. The websites of a few random small local private businesses were also defaced. […]

World has to act against inflation before it becomes a serious problem: PM Lee

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Inflation is rearing its ugly head, causing hardships in the world. Singapore is not immune to it. In April this year, Singapore Monetary Authority (MAS) tightened its policy, the third time in six months, as it aims to “slow the inflation momentum and help ensure medium-term price stability”. It also raised its forecast for core […]