265,000 migrant workers cleared from COVID-19 in Singapore

marine shipyard in SIngapore

As of 3 August 2020, about 273,000 workers (approximately 89%) have either recovered or tested to be free from the virus. 265,000 of them have been given the Green AccessCode which allows them to return to work. These are workers from the construction, marine shipyard and process sectors. Of these, 180,000 are residents in dormitories. […]

Carry out independent survey on older people doing menial work

menial work

There are people who work out of a need and there are people who work because they want to stay active and escape from the boredom of staying at home.

We don’t need to deny the second category of people in order to acknowledge and help the first.

We should not take away the right of the elderly to work to stay active if they are still fit to work – even if it is cleaning work.

What we need to do is to RESPECT them for the work that they do. You can do that by acknowledging their existence, thank them for the work they do. If not for them, you would not have a clean place to enjoy your food.

NTUC is working with companies to preserve jobs by first exploring all cost-cutting options

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NTUC reiterates that retrenchments should be the last resort for companies.

When retrenchment is unavoidable.

Companies must ensure fair treatment for workers who are affected by retrenchment.

NTUC’s Job Security Council and Employment and Employability Institute will do their best to match affected workers to jobs and ensure they receive training as needed for them to take on new jobs.