Can I still afford a HDB flat? can i still afford a hdb flat can i still afford a hdb flat 1

Someone said that young graduates used to aspire to a 5-rm flat but now they can only afford a 4-rm flat. And a poly grad used to aspire to a 4-rm flat but now, they can only afford a 3-rm flat. When I was a young graduate, I was realistic of my financial ability and […]

99-year lease is only way to recycle land for future generations to buy BTOs 99 year lease is only way to recycle land and ensure future generations can buy their own btos 99 year lease is only way to recycle land and ensure future generations can buy their own b 1

Today, over 80% of Singaporeans live in public housing. Compared to public housing in most parts of the world, our HDB flats and home ownership model is the exception rather than the norm. Singapore’s housing policies have been uniquely successful. We are the only major city in the world where nearly every young couple getting […]

Should land for public housing in Singapore be priced at a nominal rate?

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You’ve heard this before: that land for HDB flats should be priced lower, even at a nominal fee of $1 because it is land for public housing. After all, land assets, as part of the reserves, belong to the people.  The problem with this line of reasoning is that public housing in Singapore has taken […]

The ‘return my CPF’ fever has been soundly replaced by a voluntary top-up fever

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Remember when the “Return My CPF” and “Vote them out” fever was so high? Multiple protests were organised at Hong Lim Park as speaker after speaker criticized the Government for holding back people’s money, for not keeping their promises and for losing their money. All kinds of claims were made about the retirement sum, minimum […]

HDB does not price new flats based on costs: Desmond Lee

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Minister for National Development Desmond Lee recently gave a good explainer on the issue of land cost and HDB BTO Valuation in parliament. His explanation also covers why the HDB runs at a deficit of a couple or three billion dollars annually. Unfortunately, the parliament is a poor avenue for treating an important subject that […]

Where in the world has a Government produced homes for every family?

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Singaporeans love to complain. They want their BTO fast. They want it cheap. And they want it big. For an island state that is so small – just 719 sq km – Singapore has managed to build homes for 85% of households. Countries with vast lands have not done so. While many governments have focused […]