The ‘return my CPF’ fever has been soundly replaced by a voluntary top-up fever

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Remember the time when the “Return My CPF” and “Vote them out” fever was so high? Multiple protests were organised at Hong Lim Park as speaker after speaker lambasted the Government for holding back people’s money, for not keeping their promises and for losing their money. All kinds of claims were made about the retirement […]

Almost $17 billion in interest credited to members’ CPF accounts in 2020

Almost $17 billion in interest credited to members' CPF accounts in 2020

Last year, a total of $16.9 billion in interest earned was credited into members’ CPF accounts. The upward trend to voluntarily top-up CPF accounts continues Ever since people discovered that CPF is really a great way to build up their retirement funds through its attractive interest rates, there has been a upward trend to top-up […]

Grow your CPF with Matched Retirement Savings Scheme; 440,000 members qualify

Matched Retirement Savings

Matched Retirement Savings Scheme (MRSS) Good news! The Government has introduced the Matched Retirement Savings Scheme (MRSS) to help senior Singaporeans who have yet to meet the Basic Retirement Sum (BRS) save more for retirement. Here’s how it works. For 5 years from 2021 to 2025, the Government will match dollar-for-dollar, cash top-ups made to […]

More people topping up their CPF, beating social media cry

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More people are topping up their CPF savings and it’s not a surprise. Once you move away from the noise on social media and take time to understand the CPF Scheme, you will realise how good a scheme it is. It is not without reasons that the CPF Scheme is the top pension scheme in […]

More people topping up their CPF; Withdrawal at 55 gone down

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What about you? Are you also actively saving for your retirement? Going by the increase in the number of top-ups, more members are taking active steps to save for their retirement. 198,000 top-ups amounting to $1.81 billion Despite the challenging economic conditions, more than 198,000 top-ups amounting to $1.81 billion were made in the first […]