Lee Kuan Yew: We have to keep our house clean. No one else will do it for us.

lee kuan yew we have to keep our house clean no one else will do it for us

No political system in any country is immune from corruption. Can Singapore always remain clean? In 2005, at the Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute’s World Ethics and Integrity Forum, Mr Lee Kuan Yew said that corruption is incipient in every society. It eats into any system, regardless of the philosophy or ideology. Corruption must be continuously […]

Tharman Shanmugaratnam announces that he will be running for President

Tharman Shanmugaratnam

With the recent news announced by President of Singapore, Halimah Yaacob – that she won’t be running for presidency this year – there have been speculations about who will be the next President of Singapore. In a letter dated 8 June to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Senior Minister Tharman stated that he would resign […]

Debunking 3 common myths about the People’s Association

People's Association

The People’s Association (PA) – you know them as the people who handle your community spaces in your HDB estates, those who do community events – but who are they really? We debunk 3 common misconceptions (or ahem, conspiracy theories as sometimes conjured up by opposition parties) about these unsung heroes. Myth 1: The People’s […]