HDB does not price new flats based on costs: Desmond Lee

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Minister for National Development Desmond Lee recently gave a good explainer on the issue of land cost and HDB BTO Valuation in parliament. His explanation also covers why the HDB runs at a deficit of a couple or three billion dollars a year. Unfortunately, the parliament is a poor avenue for the treatment of an […]

Where in the world has a Government produced homes for every family?

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Singaporeans love to complain. They want their BTO fast. They want it cheap. And they want it big. For an island-state that is so small – just 719 sq km – Singapore has managed to build homes for 85% of households. Countries with vast lands have not done so. While many governments have focused public […]

Do you own your 99-year leasehold HDB flat?

Do you own your 99-year leasehold HDB flat?

Some have tried to argue that you do not own your HDB flat because it is on leasehold. You are merely renting it permanently, they argued. This argument does not hold water at all. The basic rule of law is that you cannot sell something that does not belong to you. It would be illegal […]