Brad Bowyer: Stop the fearmongering, people are not dying in the streets

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As the world’s scientists rush to develop the COVID-19 in a desperate bid to save lives and economies, Brad Bowyer claims that the narrative that ‘economies can only fully re-open when a is available’ is one of the biggest agenda-driven hoaxes in history.

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Brad Bowyer in his own words

He calls this a ‘fearmongering’ narrative.

“People are not dying in the streets, it is not more deadly than SARs etc, it is not a new Spanish Flu ,” says Brad.

Every life matters and every death is one death too many.

But hey, Brad has reduced the number of deaths to mere statistics. As long as people are not dying on the streets, what’s the big deal?

According to Brad, countries are putting out this fearmongering narrative because of vested interests.

“When you look at the statistics there is absolutely no reason not to open economies unless you have a vested interest to do otherwise,” said Brad.

Vested interests like ‘a cover for collapsing financials system’ and a ‘political leverage to retain or gain power’.

Astonishing claims from someone who not so long ago, stood for to be elected as a leader in Parliament.

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Brad Bowyer, ask yourself. Which government in the world shuts down their economy, bankrupts businesses and brings great hardships to their people in order to ‘retain or gain power’?

“Many elites around the world investing in and making will laugh all the way to the bank while we suffer whatever unknown side effects of such rushed and unnecessary programs while giving up even more freedoms and submitting to even more overbearing control will be the result,” Brad said.

Given what he had said about and elites making vaccines laughing all the way to the bank, Brad should be the last in line for a when it is available. In fact, he should not even get himself vaccinated lest he suffers from ‘unknown side effects’.

Last word:

By the way, Singapore did not completely shut down our economy during the Circuit Breaker and we are now carefully opening up to prevent a surge of cases.


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