Not out of the woods yet; 16 community cases and what we know of them

Community cases at TTSH
We’re not out of the woods yet. No one is safe until the world is safe. 29 April 2021 saw 16 cases of COVID-19 infections in the community.

One unlinked case

Of these 16, 1 is currently unlinked. She is a 39 year-old female Vietnam national who works as a cleaner employed by Octo Jet Building Maintenance Services Pte Ltd. She deployed at a community care facility at Tuas South.
At work, she dons full personal protection equipment (PPE), including N95 mask, face shield, gown and gloves. She also periodically helps out at a food stall at The Summit located at the National University of ’s Bukit Timah campus.
Known as Case 62553, she is fully vaccinated having received the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine on 27 January, and the second dose on 19 February.
It is quite clear from recent cases that fully vaccinated individuals can still get infected even though the vaccine is effective in preventing symptomatic disease for the vast majority of those vaccinated. So regardless of whether you are vaccinated or not, one cannot let your guard down.

TTSH cluster

There are 9 community cases so far in the TTSH cluster after another 8 were identified yesterday. Of the 9 cases, 3 are TTSH staff and 6 are patients.

The 3 TTSH staff are a 46 year-old female Philippines national who is a nurse at Ward 9D, a Permanent Resident who is a doctor at the same ward, and an 18 year-old female who is a healthcare assistant trainee deployed at the same ward. The infected doctor received his first dose of COVID-19 vaccine on 18 January, and the second dose on 8 February.

Of the 6 patients, 3 are aymptomatic.

Among them is a 57 year-old male who was initially warded in Ward 7D, before being transferred to Ward 9D.

He developed a fever on 16 April but did not seek medical treatment. On 18 April, as his fever persisted, and he had developed a runny nose and cough, he sought treatment at TTSH’s emergency department. He was tested for COVID-19 infection and his test result was negative. He was subsequently warded in Ward 7D. On 20 April, he was transferred to Ward 9D. As he had persistent fever, he was reviewed by an infectious diseases physician, and transferred to an isolation ward on 27 April. On 28 April, he tested positive for COVID-19 infection and was transferred to NCID.

Ward 7D will therefore also be locked down.

Lockdown of TTSH wards and other precautionary measures

Ward 7D and 9D are locked down. Testing for staff and patients in the 2 wards are still in progress.

All close contacts of the cases, including patients, visitors and staff who have been in the affected wards, will also be placed on quarantine. As a precautionary measure, all patients and staff in other TTSH wards will also be tested for COVID-19 infection, including those who are asymptomatic.

MOH said their strategy is to aggressively test and draw a wide ring around the cases, to try and prevent further spread. To further minimise the risk of transmission, from 29 April, no visitors will be allowed into the hospital except for critically ill patients. During this period, elective cases will be deferred except for those that are urgent, and A&E cases that are non-life-threatening will be redirected to other hospitals.

ICA cluster

7 more community cases have been detected that is linked to the ICA officer. They are all family members of the officer and had already been placed on quarantine earlier. All 8 had gathered for a meal on 25 April, where transmission was likely to have taken place.

The 7 cases are:

The spouse of the ICA officer. She is a 32 year-old female who works as a nurse at TTSH. She is unrelated to the TTSH cluster and she does not work in Ward 7D or 9D. She is asymptomatic and was tested during quarantine.

A 72 year-old male retiree who is the father of the ICA officer.

A 3-year-old nephew of the ICA officer who last attended school on 22 April.

A 39 year-old male family member who works as a security officer at ION Orchard, and private hire car driver. He had interacted with the ICA officer over dinner on 25 April.

A 33 year-old female family member who is a housewife. She was asymptomatic and tested during quarantine.

A 65 year-old male family member who works as a telephone operator at Goodwood Park Hotel.

A 38 year-old male family member who works as a technical officer at SP PowerGrid.

Overall, the number of new cases in the community has increased from 10 cases in the week before to 28 cases in the past week.

Update on current confirmed cases who are still in hospital

There are currently 110 confirmed cases who are still in hospital. Of these, most are stable or improving, and none is in the intensive care unit. 243 are isolated and cared for at community facilities. These are those who have mild symptoms, or are clinically well but still test positive for COVID-19. 30 have passed away from complications due to COVID-19 infection.

Stay safe and stay vigilant, folks. We are not out of the woods yet. No one is safe until everyone is safe.

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