Sole case in dormitory is reminder that vaccinated individuals can get infected

Sole case in dormitory Singapore is reminder that vaccinated individuals can get infected

The Ministry of Health (MOH) has confirmed and verified 1 new case of locally transmitted infection on 11 April 2021.

The case resides in a dormitory located at Brani Terminal Avenue.

The 23 year-old male Indian national (case 61822) is a Work Permit holder employed by Seafront Support Company Pte Ltd as a lashing specialist.

He is asymptomatic, and was detected when he was tested on 7 April as part of Rostered Routine Testing (RRT).

Case 61822 received his first dose of vaccine on 25 January, and the second dose on 17 February. This likely accounts for his lack of symptoms, and positive serology test as he has produced antibodies following the vaccination.

His earlier tests from RRT – the last being on 24 March – were all negative for infection. MOH has assessed that this is likely a current infection.

MOH said, “This case is a reminder that it is possible for vaccinated individuals to get infected.”

“But the vaccine is effective in preventing symptomatic disease for the vast of those vaccinated,” MOH added.

Further research is required to determine if the vaccination will also prevent onward transmission of the infection, MOH said.

“That is why we cannot afford to let our guard down. Our existing key enablers – safe management measures, testing, and contact tracing – continue to be necessary and effective in helping us to mitigate spread and keep community transmission low,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, all the identified close contacts of the case, including his dormitory and workplace contacts, have been isolated and placed on quarantine, and will be tested at the start and end of their quarantine period.

There are 19 imported cases, who had already been placed on Stay- Notice (SHN) upon arrival in Singapore. All new cases today are asymptomatic, and were detected from our proactive screening and surveillance.

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