Netizens react to PSP’s concerns over use of TraceTogether data to investigate crimes

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In a statement published on its Facebook page, Progress Party (PSP) expressed concerns over the use of TraceTogether data for investigations. In the process, they also displayed their ignorance of the TraceTogether Programme.

These are the horrible errors in PSP’s statement:

  • “… we are concerned that the TraceTogether apps unnecessarily expose users’ locations and infringes on their privacy.”

This is absolutely wrong. Neither the app nor the tracks a user’s location. There is no GPS function. Hence, no location recorded. The app and token use Bluetooth signals to record other nearby TraceTogether devices.

  •  would the government be storing the data for a longer period because the current period of 25 days may not be sufficient?

A glaring error. The government does not store any data. The data recorded by the app or stays with you in your device in an encrypted form. It does not leave you. You only surrender that data to MOH if you are infected with COVID-19. The other way the data may leave you is when you are being investigated for a serious offence.

  • “.. does the government have any intention of actively monitoring data for those who are in the watchlist of the Internal Security Department?”

A lame attempt by PSP to fear monger with ISD. The government does not monitor any data.

Data consist only of UUID (Universal unique identity) and RSSI plus time stamp. There is no user information. UUID is matched with user records captured during registration.

The data remains in your own possession, stored in your device. It is surrendered and given over to the government when contact-tracing is necessary. Otherwise, it does not leave you.

Netizens’ reactions

Netizens of course, had a lot of reactions to Dr Tan Cheng Bock and his party expressing concerns over TraceTogether data being used for investigations.

What’s the fuss? First is to solve the crime!

What’s the problem? I don’t do crimes.

Will he object if his loved ones are the victims of crimes?

He’s just a political opportunist. He does not care about the TraceTogether programme.

Go on Police. Use the data when necessary.

Why let the resource go to waste? Make full use of TT. Make it multipurpose.

How will he explain to the victim’s family why TT data cannot be used?


Again, what’s the fuss?


Why oppose something good?

Why oppose something good?


That the PSP made so many errors in their short statement about the TraceTogether programme shows that they were not interested at all in the programme or how it works.

They had no question and no issue with the TraceTogether programme until it was revealed in that the had accessed the TraceTogether data once – in their investigation of a murder case. They saw a political opportunity in the initial uproar over the revelation. Very quickly they jumped onto the social media bandwagon to join in the chorus. They put out a statement – sadly only to reveal their ignorance.

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