Zoom expands footprints; selects Singapore for its exceptional engineering talent

Zoom expands footprints in Singapore

Zoom announced on Tuesday (15 Dec) that it will expand its presence in Singapore by opening a new and Development Center. It will hire hundreds of key engineering headcount.

This expansion represents a growing strategic investment in the country, where Zoom has already had a presence for 2 years. It will also supplement Zoom’s existing R&D centers in the US, India, and China, and support Zoom’s engineering leadership, which is based at its San Jose, California headquarters.

The launch of a R&D center in Singapore represents Zoom’s strategy of developing its leading communications in multiple locations globally. The center will play a vital role as a source of innovation for Zoom, leveraging some of Singapore’s most talented professionals.

Why Singapore?

Zoom said on its website that Singapore is selected for its exceptional engineering talent. The company has already begun recruiting engineers in the area. It looks forward to selecting office space as pandemic-related remote work subsides.

“Singapore is pro-business, ranks as one of the friendliest countries to set up a company, and continues to be a favorite for regional headquarters as it boasts exceptional talent, strong infrastructure, and is a perfect gateway for engaging the wider region,” said Velchamy Sankarlingam, President of Product and Engineering for Zoom.

“We plan to immediately hire employees, leveraging Singapore’s highly-educated engineering pool. Our new R&D center and data center will play a critical role in Zoom’s continued international growth.”

Zoom will also expand its co-located data centre in Singapore by doubling its capacity to ensure a ‘superior quality of experience, security, and reliability to its users across Asia Pacific’.

Kai Fong Chng, Managing Director of the Singapore Economic Development Board said, “Zoom has changed the realm of what we thought was possible. We can work from anywhere rather than a fixed location. We can brainstorm, learn or even have dinner and drinks together remotely.”

“In some ways, we are more productive and fulfilled. And this is only the beginning in re-inventing how we work, live and play. So I am thrilled that Zoom will be partnering with Singapore to set up an R&D center to explore possibilities,” he added.

What does all this mean for Singaporeans? More good jobs!

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