Happy 55th birthday, Singapore.

National Day 2020 Singapore

In a National Day message video posted today, President Halimah Yacob shared that Singapore’s 55th birthday would have been a milestone and a cause for great celebration, if not for the ongoing pandemic.

Indeed, the coronavirus has caused impacted every aspect of life, severely disrupting life for many. We are facing a economic storm that has no signs of letting up. The months ahead will be difficult.

Madam Halimah said the crisis has still taken all our strength and resources to mount an emergency response to this challenge. Yet, Singapore’s as a nation over the years has been a strong buffer against the crisis.
She also thanked front-line for helping to stabilise the situation in Singapore, and shared how heartened she was by Singaporeans coming together and mobilising resources to help one another during this difficult period.

Difficulties lie ahead for companies, and families, the next few months will be rough for us all. With more economic activities resuming and borders gradually reopening, is cautiously moving towards a new normal amid the pandemic. Individual and collective efforts will be required to overcome this challenge of our generation. From one proud Singaporean to another: We have done well as a nation.

Together, we can. Because we have done it before.

Happy 55th, Singapore.

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  1. President Halimah Yacob to host virtual tour of the Istana for the National Day Istana Open House on 2 August 2020


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