Lim Tean and his money trail. ‘Crook of the century’ as asserted by M Ravi?

Lim Tean and his money trail. 'Crook of the century' as asserted by M Ravi?

Not too long ago, Opposition politician Lim Tean was the subject of a viral Facebook livestream when five debt collectors showed up at his law firm to demand repayment of an outstanding debt. The debt collectors were from the Singapore Debt Collection Service (SDCS). They were sent to Lim’s office, Carson Law Chambers, on 21 […]

Singapore’s death penalty for drug traffickers. Fair or unjust?

Singapore's death penalty for drug traffickers. Fair or unjust?

The death sentence of Nagaenthran sparked another outcry. Once again, Singapore’s harsh drug trafficking law is being challenged. Nagaenthran has been portrayed as intellectually-disabled and therefore incapable of taking responsibility for his actions. According to a petition that has been going around, Nagaenthran was assessed to have an IQ of 69. How the IQ of […]

The drama that piles up on Jamus and the rubbish at Sengkang

Workers Party Jamus Lim PR Stunt in Sengkang

It all began when a Sengkang GRC resident, frustrated with the appalling state of cleanliness in her estate, posted photos and asked what happened to the estate. Others followed with more photos. The story was soon picked up by a Facebook page called Gong Simi Singapore which asked if the Sengkang Town Council was sleeping. […]

Who are our Labour MPs? What sets them apart from the other MPs?

Singapore MP from NTUC

By now everyone has probably heard enough about NTUC’s symbiotic relationship with the PAP. Members First, Workers Always. #EveryWorkerMatters. More PMEs need to join unions… and so on. If you also haven’t noticed, some of the faces of NTUC are also the same faces you’ve probably seen in parliamentary debates, or around your neighbourhood if […]

The Tragic Story of Dr. Ann Tan – What’s Real and What’s Fake

Debunking the lies of Goh Meng Seng

Our response to any tragic news must surely be to give the person concerned the private space to overcome the tragic event, and render support if you are in a position to do so, and certainly not to exploit the tragedy for other agenda. But this was precisely what a Bun Nyok Fong did to […]

Minimum Wage vs Progressive Wage Model: A Closer Look

Minimum Wage vs Progressive Wage Model

The first countries to pass minimum wage laws were Australia in 1907 and the United States Congress in 1938.  Fast forward to 2021, poverty remains a significant problem in these countries. Yet, we still have politicians pushing for something that does not work. Minimum Wage and its potential trade-offs in Singapore Loss of employment When […]