Netizen asked: why borrow to fund education when there is no need to borrow?

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Gone are the days when we can just have some fun poking at proposals that would bring us to ruination. Today, we are looking at the possibility of a new government taking over and turning their proposals to reality. It’s a scary scenario because the opposition has no competency to govern the country even as […]

Low wage workers not in Progressive Wage Model sectors to earn at least $1400 a month

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Come 1 September 2022, a total of 221,000 full-time lower-wage workers will benefit from Progressive Wage moves. Adjustment to Local Qualifying Salary (LQS) 159,000 full-time lower-wage workers who are not in the PWM (Progressive Wage Model) sectors will benefit from an adjustment to the Local Qualifying Salary. The LQS is the salary an employer needs […]

A response to ‘who is destroying the affordability of our basic cost of living’

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The Independent Singapore (TISG) published an open letter from a netizen that it said was circulating on WhatSapp. This being the weekend and it’s raining as well….. In the open letter, the netizen asked: “Who is destroying the affordability of our basic cost of living?” 1. the hardships faced by the average Singaporeans when everything […]

Two anti-drug operations saw seven arrested and close to 4kg of Heroin seized

Two anti-drug operations conducted by the Central Narcotics Bureau on 17 August 2022 saw 7 people arrested including 2 women. More than 3.7kg of heroin, 14g of ‘Ice’, 26g of cannabis, 2g of vegetable matter believed to contain controlled drugs, and five tablets believed to be controlled drugs, with an estimated street value of $268,000, […]

Singapore is snobbish, says Tommy Koh. Singaporeans, do you agree?

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“Singapore is snobbish,” says Prof Tommy Koh in a Heart of the Matter podcast, and Singapore will have to address its flaws if it is to create a new social compact going forward. Prof Koh’s remarks elicit many responses. Among them are the following: There are snobs but there are also humble people. Prof Tommy […]