What it means for Singapore to go into an endemic phase

About two months ago, we started hearing the term, “endemic phase”, a lot. But what exactly does that mean regarding Covid-19 and the way we live our lives? The definition of “endemic”, as we can see, is that a disease is regularly found among particular people. That means that it becomes a common disease, much […]

NTUC FairPrice’s role during Covid-19 in serving the community

I don’t think you can be a Singaporean without knowing what NTUC FairPrice is. But how many of us actually understand the story and mission behind this supermarket chain? FairPrice commonly criticised for being expensive Every time a new announcement is made pertaining to FairPrice, even if it’s good news like giving the Pioneer Generation […]

Employees with positive Covid-19 ART tests are entitled to paid sick leave

As Covid-19 cases increase islandwide and more of us are called to self-test and ensure our own safety, what should we do if we have a positive Covid-19 ART test? Notify your employer, DO NOT go to work Firstly, DO NOT go to work. Notify your employer of the positive test result. MOM has recently […]

PM Lee thanks Panasonic for believing in Singapore


Recently, it was announced that Panasonic is shutting down its refrigeration compressor manufacturing operations in Singapore. Unfortunately, this will result in 700 employees to be retrenched. In a Facebook post, PM Lee Hsien Loong said, “We are deeply grateful that Panasonic believed in Singapore and journeyed with us for the better part of our history. […]

Handicapped delivery worker inspires others with his independence

On 2 Sept, an FB user Imair shared a heartwarming story about a handicapped delivery worker. The handicapped delivery worker, Zahi, braved the rain and delivered items via public transport from Woodlands to Tampines! When Imair saw Zahi at his doorstep, he thought Zahi was a salesperson and was surprised to learn that he was […]

Finding an alternate path in the security sector

“Quiet, composed and a little shy”, is how I would describe Security Supervisor (SS), Mr Mohamad Isa, 50. He had spent the last 20 years in the hospitality sector, doing F&B. In 2017, he switched paths to security because of his age and the physical exertion that it took, as F&B required him to be […]

The decade long dedication of Patrick Tay to protect the Singaporean core

During the recent National Day Rally (NDR), Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong shared that the Government is aware of the concerns that local PMEs have. Apart from ensuring that foreign PMEs who come in will contribute with their skills and expertise, Singapore will also bring in foreigners only in industries where they are most needed. […]

Netizens are confused and think that LQS is minimum wage

During the recent National Day Rally (NDR) announcement, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced that companies MUST pay a Local Qualifying Salary (LQS) of $1400 to ALL its local employees if they wish to hire foreign employees. Many Singaporeans are confused by this announcement and what the LQS is, mistakenly thinking that PAP has finally […]

Meet the people faithfully speaking for lower wage workers

COVID-19 has thrust our lower wage workers like cleaners into the spotlight. Many Singaporeans have become aware that they play an integral role in society and deserve to receive higher wages. The good news is, the Progressive Wage Model (PWM) which benefits many lower wage workers, is already implemented in some sectors. These are the […]