Spotlight on AHTC saga: in good faith and in bad faith

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In the beginning, Singaporeans did not know that FMSS was owned by close affiliates of Workers’ Party (WP).Only WP and the Ministry of National Development (MND) knew these facts.But MND left them alone because, as then National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan said, they allowed some latitude with regard to party affiliation because TCs are […]

The long-running AHTC saga coming to a close

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Today is the day (November 9, 2022) when the judgment is released. Although the Town Councillors and Employees involved may have acted in good faith, there was neither an adequate nor an independent safeguard in AHTC’s approval process for disbursing payments to FMSS and FMSI. The court found that the members and senior employees of […]

99-year lease is only way to recycle land for future generations to buy BTOs 99 year lease is only way to recycle land and ensure future generations can buy their own btos 99 year lease is only way to recycle land and ensure future generations can buy their own b 1

Today, over 80% of Singaporeans live in public housing. Compared to public housing in most parts of the world, our HDB flats and home ownership model is the exception rather than the norm. Singapore’s housing policies have been uniquely successful. We are the only major city in the world where nearly every young couple getting […]

WP Leon Perera promises to monitor population growth and speak up if necessary

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Lately, the WP MPs appear keen to revive divisive issues. From Jamus to Leon Perera, they have made Facebook posts on particular issues they said were raised by ‘residents’. Leon Perera posted on population growth and said that they would monitor the growth and speak up if necessary. Population White Paper debate in Feb 2013 […]

Is it true that Leong Mun Wai made bogus allegations against the PAP Government?

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The Government did not spend a single cent to build Sports Hub. It is only right and fair that when the Government decides to terminate the Private Public Partnership (PPP) with SportsHub Pte Ltd, they should pay for the capital expenditure incurred by the PPP in the construction of Sports Hub. Anything less would be […]

Section 377A: what led to the decision to repeal and where do we go from here

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Why repeal? 377A have been struck down by the courts in other countries, including India. In Singapore, there had been 4 applications to the Supreme Court to challenge it as ‘unconstitutional’ based on Article 12 where all persons are equal before the law and are entitled to equal protection of the law. Though unsuccessful so […]