All Remaining Standalone Quarantine Facilities in Dormitories Cleared Of COVID-19

Quarantine Facilities

Good news!

All Remaining Standalone Quarantine Facilities in have been cleared of COVID-19. Residents in these blocks have either completed their isolation/quarantine or been moved to other government facilities depending on their health status.

The number of able to resume work continues to increase.

Take a look at this table:

A multi-layered strategy to prevent a second wave of infections in the cleared

With all and standalone blocks cleared, authorities will be adopting a multi-layered strategy to prevent new waves of infections.

  • Prevention

    staying in the will be cohorted by the type of industry that they work in. In addition, Safe Distancing Measures have been implemented in the dormitories. This will ensure Safe Living, Safe Working and Safe Rest arrangements for the are adhered to.

  • Detection

    There are four key layers of safeguard to monitor and manage the risk of new outbreaks: (1) Medical Technology; (2) Monitoring of Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI) Report Sick Rate; (3) Waste Water Monitoring and (4) Rostered Routine Testing (RRT). With these, the task force will be able to sieve out new cases early and perform the necessary containment arrestment efforts.

  • Containment

    Once a new case is detected, the contact tracing effort will commence to determine the close contacts at the dormitory and workplace with reference to the individual’s movement history. Sector agencies will work closely with the employers to assess the risk at the workplaces and put in place safety timeouts if necessary. Aggressive testing operations will also be conducted to arrest a possible second wave of infection.

  • Isolation

    Once immediate close contacts of the positive have been identified, they will undergo a 14-day quarantine at a dedicated facility. Other close contacts will be quarantined on-site to undergo to ensure that they are COVID-cleared before they are able to return to work.

The detection of new infection cases in cleared and decant sites is a reminder on the need to be vigilant.

Stay safe folks and observe all measures with religious diligence!

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