Why plastic bag charges are a good thing for Singapore

plastic bags singapore

Most of us would have experienced this while holidaying in other countries like Japan, Korea and Taiwan – shops charging for plastic bags. Many of us would also have learnt to prep a tote bag while travelling for such cases and instances. So why do Singaporeans still complain when a supermarket chain announces that they […]

Raeesah Khan resigns from Workers’ Party. Why resign now, asks Prof Daniel Goh.

Questions remain as Raeesah Khan resigns from Workers' Party

Workers’ Party Raeesah Khan has resigned from the Workers’ Party (WP). The party announced this in a statement on 30 November. Ms Khan had indicated to Mr Singh, the Secretary-General of WP, her intention to resign earlier in the day before conveying her intention to the CEC. Ms Khan’s resignation came before work by the […]