From M Ravi to Lim Tean, what do netizens think of the SBS bus drivers’ new lawyer?

From M Ravi to Lim Tean, what do netizens think of the SBS bus drivers' new lawyer?

What was supposed to be the start of a four-day hearing into a lawsuit by 13 former and current bus drivers against SBS Transit ended before it barely began – with a court drama.

Voices were raised as lawyer for the 13 bus drivers, M Ravi accused High Court judge Audrey Lim of being biased. He demanded that she disqualify herself from hearing the case. Ravi also called Senior Counsel Davinder Singh, lawyer for SBS Transit, a clown and accused him of denying him from taking a toilet break. He declared that he and his client, Mr Chua Qwong Meng, the main plaintiff in the suit, would be “discharging” themselves.

What followed later was that Ravi got discharged by Mr Chua instead who said he was very embarrassed by M Ravi’s behaviour towards Justice Audrey Lim and opposing counsel Mr Davinder Singh.

In a press statement to CNA, Mr Chua said, “What he displayed yesterday was a total shock to us, who had put our in him.” Mr Chua said there was no truth whatsoever to Ravi’s allegation that they had no faith in the judicial system. He added that they had every intention to proceed with the litigation and would be looking for a competent lawyer to represent them in the proceedings.

That ‘competent’ lawyer turned out to be Lim Tean of Carson Law Chambers.

According to Mr Chua, Mr Ravi has been paid more than S$55,000 for his legal services. He said the money was raised through donations from the public. He is seeking a refund of all balance fees and a full statement of accounts. He also ‘reserved the right’ to lodge a complaint to the Law Society regarding Ravi’s behaviour.

Netizens were mostly unimpressed by the appointment of Lim Tean as the lawyer to represent them.

One netizen wonders why the drivers keep appointing trolls to defend them. Shouldn’t they find someone more capable to defend them if they want to fair fight?

SBS Bus Driver Law Suit

SBS Bus Driver Law Suit

No better lawyers available?

Lim Tean

Our legal stories are fast  becoming a comedy channel. 🙁

Can they entrust their funds with Lim Tean? After all, Ravi accused him of stealing clients’ money.

Lim Tean

Well, what do we know? With Lim Tean’s very interesting with money, will the public continue to donate generously?

Lim Tean

Meanwhile, Ravi will be enjoying his new Mercedes Benz.

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