If not meritocracy, then what, Mr Gerald Giam?

Gerald Giam, If our child comes home with bad grades, do we make them sleep in a smaller room or eat only Maggie mee for dinner?

If you don’t earn as much you have to settle for a poorer quality of life, said Gerald Giam as he took aim at meritocracy.

He was speaking at a Perspectives 2021 forum organised by the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. The theme for this year was ‘Reset’.

What does Gerald Giam expect? That everyone enjoys the same quality of life regardless of how much we earn?

simply means the best person for the job. For example, if you are selecting someone to be a judge, you will choose from those well versed in the law and not just any person. That’s meritocracy. Then you would look, from among those who are well versed in the law, someone with strength of character and integrity. That’s part of meritocracy.

is not narrowly defined as academic achievements alone. There is a meritocracy of skills too, among other things.

Some of us have a great voice and with vocal training, we wow the audience. Some of us are just tone-deaf and sing out of tune. Who wins the singing contest? That’s also meritocracy. Fair? Yes.

If not Meritocracy, then what?

Gerald Giam If no meritocracy then what? - Singapore Perspectives 2021
Credit: Institute of Policy Studies – IPS

As Gerald Giam himself said, works against corruption, cronyism and nepotism, the three evils that prevent deserving people from rising up through the ranks.

Meritocracy, in fact, allows those from a disadvantaged background the opportunity to break out of it through hard work.

is not the problem. Don’t let meritocracy become a bad word.

Meritocracy is about hiring the best person for the job

Equal rewards regardless of performance? Look to North Korea.

The only place where everyone enjoys the same quality of life is in North Korea - minus their leaders

That's a fact of life - not something any country or government can change or do

Equal opportunities, not equal outcomes.

From each according to his ability, to each according to his need

Equality in opportunity not outcome

Poor comparison of the private sector to a situation at home

What the hell is Gerald Giam talking about? Is he for real?

Moot point. The poor in enjoy generous subsidies to live a decent life.

Unless he is being marxist

Rewarding everyone equally regardless of performance takes away motivation.

We don't let our child sleep in smaller room

What’s Gerald Giam’s alternative solution?

So what is Gerald Giam Solution?

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