Indian nationals can come to Singapore and become PRs and citizens under CECA? NOT TRUE!

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Stop spreading falsehoods. There is no automatic citizenship or PR for Indian nationals here to work under CECA. All ICTs, regardless of which trade agreement or country they come from, must meet work pass criteria.

It is not true that under CECA, Indian nationals can come to and become Permanent Residents (PRs) and citizens, MTI said in a press release.

There is no such provision in CECA, the statement said.

“It is also not true that CECA requires to automatically employment passes (EPs) to from India wanting to work here,” MTI spokesman said in the statement.

“None of Singapore’s Free Agreements, including CECA, obliges us to automatically EPs to any foreign nationals.”

The statement also said that all foreign nationals applying for EP must meet our prevailing criteria. There is no exception.  And all companies must comply with rules on fair hiring.

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Intra-corporate Transferees (ICTs)

Anyone seeking to enter as ICTs (intra-corporate transferees), whether under CECA or any other Free Agreements (FTAs), must meet our prevailing work pass rules.

The number of ICTs in has consistently been at below 5% of all EP holders in Singapore.

They come from a wide range of different source countries. Indian nationals constituting only a small segment.

It is misleading to attribute the number of Indian PMEs, especially Intra-Corporate Transferees (ICT), solely or mainly to CECA, the statement said.

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