What to do if you are retrenched in a time of Covid-19

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As more and more countries and companies are being impacted by Covid-19 which is proving to be a long term battle, news of retrenchment abounds. On 11 August 2020, it was announced that the Singapore economy contracted by 13.2 per cent on a year-on-year basis in the April to June quarter, worse than the 12.6 […]

In fast-evolving ground realities, standing still is not an option

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The world has changed irrevocably. The geopolitical environment that has allowed Singapore to thrive in the last 50 years has changed. To thrive in a fast-evolving landscape, the nation will need to continue to innovate with a purpose by turning possibilities, fuelled by passion, into reality. Geopolitical tensions Tensions between major powers are rising. Hopefully, […]

MOM to test migrant workers every 14 days

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All migrant workers living in dormitories, including those serving isolation in standalone blocks that serve as quarantine facilities, have been tested, MOM said in a joint statement with other government agencies. Good job! Steps are being taken to allow migrant workers to safely go back to work. [irp posts=”681″ name=”All Remaining Standalone Quarantine Facilities in […]