Tough love needed to maintain upward trajectory

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National Day Message of Mr Lee Kuan Yew Speaking off the cuff, Mr Lee Kuan Yew said in his National Day Message in 1971, “I am not here tonight to preach blood, sweat and tears or talk about the apocalypse. You have done well, six superb years, a magnificent performance against all the odds, so […]

Happy 55th birthday, Singapore.

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In a National Day message video posted today, President Halimah Yacob shared that Singapore’s 55th birthday would have been a milestone and a cause for great celebration if not for the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Indeed, the coronavirus has caused impacted every aspect of life, severely disrupting life for many. We are facing a global economic […]

Singapore and Australia sign Digital economy Agreement

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The Signing of the Singapore-Australia Digital Economy Agreement (SADEA) on August 6 2020, marks a milestone in the long-standing and multi-faceted partnership between Singapore and Australia. It will allow our companies to take advantage of opportunities in the digital economy and tap on new technologies to create new digital products and services, Trade & Industry […]

265,000 migrant workers cleared from COVID-19 in Singapore

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As of 3 August 2020, about 273,000 workers (approximately 89%) have either recovered or tested to be free from the virus. 265,000 of them have been given the Green AccessCode which allows them to return to work. These are workers from the construction, marine shipyard and process sectors. Of these, 180,000 are residents in dormitories. […]